Life as a Student in Madrid

Academic Year Abroad Madrid at Universidad Carlos III & the Universidad Complutense

The Madrid Cercanias (below right) are the suburban commuter lines: Carlos III students must make their way to Atocha Renfe on the Metro (below left) and then switch to the Cercania to go a few stops to Las Margaritas Universidad.

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Quickly recognized as one of the great new universities of Spain, “Carlos III ha revolucionado el panorama de la Universidad pública española.” American students will feel comfortable with the familiar style of the Universidad Carlos III campus. Below are images of its entrance, grounds, and finally, the interior of the strikingly modern Maria Molina Library, where ascending concentric circles give it an air of spaciousness.

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If you are a Complutense student, you will probably take the bus to campus, from the stop close to the Arco de la Victoria, or you might take the Metro to Ciudad Universitaria station. Below (left to right): Moncloa, approaching the Universidad Complutense; the northern edge of the Complutense and the Guadarrama Mountains; and the interior of one of the several campus libraries at the Complutense, the main university of Madrid, encompassing numerous facultades.

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The third possible option for AYA students who wish to take regular degree courses, the Autónoma is located on the periphery just north of Madrid. Below: the beautiful Autónoma campus and (right) the Biblioteca de Humanidades.

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The Santa Ana District in Madrid (from left to right): statue of Garcia Lorca; one of the theaters in this extremely popular district among students; tapas restaurants.

Madrid fashions; an art exhibition; a puppet show in the Retiro Park.

The markets of Madrid.