Fees & Financial Aid

Academic Year Abroad Madrid at Universidad Carlos III & the Universidad Complutense

BASIC FEE Spring 2011/Fall 2011: $9,500.00
  2011-2012 Academic Year: $17,500.00

The BASIC FEE is required of all participants. Included in this fee:

  • Provision of all necessary documents for obtaining the Spanish student visa
  • Pre-inscription and tuition at the Universidad Carlos III, the Universidad Complutense (as alumno visitante), or the Universidad Autónoma (as alumno visitante). Tuition at private fine art, drama, dance, and music schools is included only for student majors in these fields.
  • Orientation led by the AYA Madrid Director, including mini tours, tutorials and lectures, grammar review, course placement and registration
  • Academic guidance and tutoring throughout the semester or year (when requested)
  • Official transcripts (including actas) and recommendations (when requested)
  • Public transportation pass for unlimited travel within Madrid
  • An extensive program of group activities occurring every one or two weeks, including
    • Outings within Madrid ~ students attend plays, concerts, visit a museum or an art gallery
    • Day-trips outside Madrid ~ tours of Toledo, Alcalá, Salamanca, for example
    • Overnight excursions ~ such as a weekend trip to Barcelona or Sevilla
  • Thanksgiving dinner with the Director

The AYA BASIC FEE does not cover transportation, health or accident insurance, or any liability on the part of the student for damage done to a third party. A deposit of $500 is required when the Contract is signed. Should the applicant wish to withdraw before the beginning of the term, $300 of this deposit is refundable to the extent that AYA has not incurred tuition or other expenses on the student’s behalf.

OPTIONAL HOUSING FEE Per Semester/Term $6,400.00

The optional HOUSING FEE covers AYA-arranged housing in a Spanish home and, as one option, includes breakfast and dinner every day except Sundays during the academic term, and (for students remaining for the entire academic year) room but not board during the Christmas and Easter holidays. All housing is contracted for the semester. A $500 deposit is required with the return of the Contract. This down-payment is refundable before the beginning of the semester if AYA has not incurred housing expenses on the student’s behalf.

AYA students often study overseas on federal grants/loans and scholarships from their home colleges and universities. An AYA applicant presently receiving financial aid should immediately make an appointment with his/her college’s financial aid officer to discuss the possibility of extending the aid to study abroad. Often, this requires the home school to recognize the study overseas as part of study towards the student’s degree. This usually involves the signing of a simple consortium agreement with AYA. In support of a financial aid application, AYA will provide an attestation that an applicant will be enrolled as a full-time student at a bona fide institution of higher learning: its staff will facilitate the student’s request for financial aid in every possible way, but AYA is not authorized to certify HSL and Stafford Loans; this must be done by the student’s college or university. When the student is admitted, his/her college or university must provide written notification to AYA of the nature, amount, and date of payment of the student’s financial aid.

Several AYA scholarships are available each semester to students who qualify. Please contact the AYA office for more information.