What can a study abroad program with over 50 years of experience offer?

The opportunity to think and speak in another language.

The experience of immersion in another culture.

The company of other intelligent, engaged, and interesting students.

Authentic courses at a foreign university.

An intellectual experience consistent with the seriousness and level of study of the student's home school.

This is what Academic Year Abroad offers in Madrid, Paris, and Siena. AYA is one of the oldest and most respected of study abroad programs. It is attentive to academic standards. AYA offers direct registration at several of the finest universities in Europe: the Université de Paris-Sorbonne and the Institut Catholique in Paris; the Universidad Carlos III, the Universidad Complutense, and the Universidad Autonoma in Madrid; and the Universita degli Studi in Siena. AYA programs, intended for first-rate, independent students, provide guidance from experienced on-site directors, who see to tutoring, home stays, and cultural activities and excursions. For nearly half a century, AYA has represented the standard in overseas study.