AYA Study Abroad Paris at Paris IV & the Institut Catholique
AYA offers its students several courses of study in Paris: direct enrollment at the Université de Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV), the Institut Catholique, or the Cours de Langue et Civilisation Françaises de la Sorbonne. While study at the Cours de Civilisation concentrates upon the French language, and in AYA practice is usually limited to beginning/intermediate students, Paris IV and the Catho offer a wide range of courses at the Licence 1/2/3/4 levels. These courses, intended for French undergraduates, are taught in French by regular Paris IV or Catho professors. Advanced and graduate students may be permitted to enroll in Masters level courses. Study at other branches of the Université de Paris can be arranged for those students with special academic requirements. In this way, students are presented with a rich assortment of options at some of Europe’s finest universities.

The courses to which AYA students have access at the Université de Paris-Sorbonne are those offered by the following UFR (Departments): Littérature Française et Comparée, Langue Française, Latin, Grec, Philosophie, Histoire, Géographie, Art et Archéologie, Études Anglaises et Nord-Américaines, Etudes Germaniques, Etudes Ibériques et Latino-Américaines, Etudes Catalanes, Italien et Roumain, Etudes Slaves, Langues Etrangères Appliquées, Etudes Arabes et Orientales, Musique et Musicologie, Sciences Humaines Appliquées, Institut de Recherches sur les Civilisations de l’Occident Moderne.

For the purpose of course articulation with other European universities, the LMD reform (Licence, Masters, Doctorat) has recently been established. Undergraduate courses formerly designated DEUG and Licence are now organized as L1 (1st year, 1st semester), L2 (1st year, 2nd semester), L3 (2nd year, 1st semester), L4 (2nd year, 2nd semester), L5 (3rd year, 1st semester), L6 (3rd year, 2nd semester). L1-L4 correspond to the former DEUG level. L5 and L6 correspond to the former licence level. Upon request AYA will provide APPLICANTS with more detailed course lists or illustrative course descriptions.

A list of departments (UFRs) at the Sorbonne–Paris IV are to be found at the following site: Liste des UFR et des écoles internes. Or, you may follow the links below to individual Sorbonne–Paris IV programs. At the bottom of each program page, you will find links in red to PDF versions of the department’s most recent course offerings.

Anglais | Archéologie et Histoire de l’Art | Culture Antique et Monde Contemporaine | Géographie | Histoire | Lettres Classiques (Latin, Grec, Français) | Lettres Modernes (Littérature française et comparée) | Musique et Musicologie | Philosophie and Sociologie | Sciences du Langage


Cours de Langue et Civilisation Françaises de la Sorbonne

Students primarily interested in beginning or perfecting their study of the French language may attend the Cours de Civilisation, intensive, up to 25-hour-per-week immersion and other courses extending from early October to the end of January in the fall, and from early February to the end of May in the spring. There is no supplement to the basic fee for the Cours de Civilisation.

Cours de l’Institut Catholique

The following are some of the courses in theology, philosophy, teaching, literature, economics, and the social sciences that have been offered by the Institut Catholique:

Faculté de Théologie et de Sciences Religeuses

Introduction au Nouveau Testament (Professor Claude Tassin)
Approche ethnologique des religions africaines (Professor Paul Coulon)
Introduction à l’islam (Professor Emilio Platti)
Islam en France (Professor Jean-Marie Gaudeul)
Introduction au bouddhisme (Professor Dennis Gira)
Introduction à l’hindouisme (Professor Tardan Masquelier)
Traditions chinoises (Professor Christine Barbier-Kontler)
Symboles, mythes, et rites dans les religions (Professor Louis-Marie Chauvet)
L’athéisme dans la pensée contemporaine (Professor Marcel Neusch)
Initiation au judaisme classique (Professor Michel Berder)
Peuple juif et l’église (Professor Michel Berder)

Faculté de Philosophie

Existentialisme (Professor Alfredo Gomez-Muller)
Philosophie générale (Professor José Médina)
Initiation à la pratique de la philosophie (Professor Geneviève Hébert)
Introduction à la philosophie grecque (Professor Geneviève Hébert)
Philosophie de la connaissance (Professor Marie-Dominique Popelard)
Initiation à la psychoanalyse (Professor Fern Nevjinsky)
Introduction à la philosopie ancienne et médiévale (Professor Emmanuel Falque)
Philosophie morale et politique (Professor Alfred Gomez-Muller)

Institut Supérieur de Pédagogie

Introduction aux systèmes éducatifs européens (Professor Chantal Paisant)
Cultures religieuses, sagesses, modernité et éducation (Professor Gérard Lurol)

Faculté de Sciences Sociales et Economiques

Sociologie générale (Professor Pietro Pisarra)
Analyse et politiques économiques (Professor Etienne Perrot)
Science politique (Professor Joseph Maila)
Relations internationales (Professor Patrice Buffotot)
L’islam et les problémes politiques du Moyen-Orient (Professor Joseph Maila)

Faculté des Lettres

Etude d’un ensemble littéraire (Professor Michel Chopard)
Etude approfondie de deux oeuvres–cours (Professor Patrick Brunel)
Etude approfondie de deux oevres–TD (Professor Patrice Piguet)